The Joy You Feel lyrics - Light in the Piazza

The Joy You Feel lyrics

The Joy You Feel

Very handsome, your new fellow.
You and I are very much alike, I think. You and Fabrizio

Like you and Giuseppe

You see, two pairs of lovers

How truly happy you must be
You are the first to set him on his knee
You're the envy of so many girls
And you are the most beautiful
So far

The gentle jangle of his voice
No other sound
No smile
No face
No choice
And the joy I know you feel
This is something I remember well, my dear
And on your first anniversary
In the piazza where you met
At first it's, it's only a glance
And then his eyes will set
Upon a girl who's prettier and younger than you
What to do?

Enjoy it
You are free
You have time to spare
The bassinette is empty
The nursery is bare
You can spend his money
Then there is no money.
You can take a lover. But
He's the one you love
He's the one you love
Isn't he?

Though truly happy, you must beware
For happiness can also scar
For so like me you are
You are

Thank you
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