Fable lyrics - Light in the Piazza

Fable lyrics


You can look in the forest
For a secret field
For a golden arrow
For a prince to appear
For a fable of love that will last forever

You can look in the ruins
For a wishing well
For a magic apple
For a charioteer
For a fable of love that will carry you

To a moon on a hill
To a hidden stream
A lagoon and a red horizon dream
Silhouette set away from time forever

To a valley beyond the setting sun
Where waters shine and horses run
Where there's a man who looks for you

But while you look you are changing, turning
You're a well of wishes
You're a fallen apple

Love's a fake
Love's a fable

Just a painting
On a ceiling
Just a children's fairy tale
Still you have to look
And look (x8)

For the eyes
On a bridge in a pouring rain
Not the eyes but the part you can't explain
For the arms you could fall into forever

For the joy that you thought you'd never know
For here at last away you go
To a man who looks for you

If you find in the world
In the wide, wide world
That someone sees
That someone knows you
Love if you can, Oh, my Clara
Love if you can
And be loved

May it last forever


The light in the piazza
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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