Light in the Piazza synopsis

Light in the Piazza Synopsis - Broadway musical

Early morning in Florence. Spending here her first day, Margaret's daughter Clara reads an article from the guide. It describes how the appearance of the sun's rays blossoms & breathes life onto marketplace. Suddenly, a strong wind blows the hat off the head of Clara & it starts to fly across the place. To help the girl, a beautiful Italian Fabrizio rushes, who catches the naughty jumpy hat & gives it to the possessor. Two young persons were fascinated by looking at each other. But at this point intervenes Margaret & takes her daughter on a trip to the Uffizi. Fabrizio also follows towards the gallery, hoping to see a beautiful stranger. At a time when heroes gaze at each other, Margaret reappears & prevents this silent date.

On stage appears alone young boy & sings love declaration at first sight for a girl. Hero is tormented with fears that she may never have strong feelings for him. Young Italian begs his relatives to help him in winning the heart of the visiting woman lass. According to relatives, guy needs to buy more presentable clothes to begin to woo. Parallel to this, his bro shows him some dance lessons, including the most famous ones.

The young boy again catches up with a girl & her mom. Only this time is his father, Senor Naccarelli, with him. He does everything in his powers to alleviate the mother's resistance & thus enable children to make an acquaintance safely. The family agrees to meet at sunset, when Michelangelo’s square looks especially beautiful, having the original name of Passeggiata. After all the walks, they come in the house of Naccarelli, where women get tea refreshment. Giuseppe's wife takes a beloved of her son on a tour of the apartment. The girl's mother is still looking for options for how to prevent the emergence of a close connection between the younglings. But sending a glance at Fabrizio's eyes, Margaret sees pure & tender feeling of love there. After that, she was unable to disappoint the young person. But he does not know anything about a girl! The fate of young woman is shrouded with many mysteries, which are known only to her family.

Younglings secretly decide to meet at midnight nearby the hotel. Margaret calls her husband, who recently returned to the United States. She tries to tell him what's going on between their daughter & the young Italian boy. But her husband Roy somehow drastically interrupts the conversation & did not get in connection anymore. A woman alone pondering about her marriage. Then Margaret decides to visit her daughter, but finds an empty room & comes to the conclusion that Clara has fled.

On the way to his beloved, girl gets in unfamiliar labyrinths of Florentine streets. She abruptly loses self-control & control over the situation. All this is accompanied by hysterical & loud cries. Clara is found by her mother & driven back to the hotel. At a time when daughter was asleep, the mother reveals the source of her concern. The fact that in a childhood, a girl received a serious head hit injury from a pony. This resulted in many variations in her psychological & intellectual development. Margaret feels guilty for what happened. Not finding a place, she decides to go down to the bar to drink a little bit. At this time, Fabrizio enters the room of Clara. A heartfelt dialogue happens between the young people that ends with a proposal of marriage on the part of the Italian. The main characters hug & at this point in the room comes Margaret…
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