Unexpressed lyrics - It's Only Life

Unexpressed lyrics


Sometimes I think my heart will burst
Like a balloon inside my chest
With all the love thats waiting here,

Fingers that ache to intertwine
Warmest of chords, but missing tune
Where is the laugh to echo mine
Send it soon

The words my lips would form,
The circle these two arms would make safe and warm
Someone could be safe and warm

Maybe the love we yearn to give,
Can find a release some ther way,
Coloring how we choose to live every day
The kindness we can share

(musical interlude)

The kindness we can share
The comfort these two arms might lend in despair
Someone's always in despair

Still I'm,
Longing to meet that pair of eyes
Dark as the night or endless blue
Holding a light I'll recognize
Something clear, something true

Something that seems to mean,
Something I haven't seen since,

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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