It's Only Life review

It's Only Life Review - Broadway musical

The only musical instrument in all two dozen songs in a collection is piano. In the method of play of the composer feels the influence of genres Gospel and Rock, due to jerky and tranquil paces. Some scholars and critics can also say that in this play strongly felt the impact of the Stephen Sondheim, but it's more a matter of musical taste than is a firm fact. Because otherwise we can say that there is also the influence of Chopin, who also played, guided by notes. Everything is relative.

In addition to about the same tranquil blues-style of level of student production in college, there are also other elements, such as jazz hints, which appear in That Smile particularly or in the main music number, which is equal to the collection name, It's Only Life. This recording was made in 2006, after the composition of the actors sang these songs in Lincoln Center in January. There is no libretto or lyrics and even acting there is only less than a half, there is only music and notes. Consequently, it is not a musical at all, because 3 out of 4 compulsory components missing. So, it is just a sequence of songs by artists, who wanted to express own emotions.

23 best tunes from the 20-year activity of John Bucchino, as a stage's songwriter (an average of 1 per year), gathered here to pay tribute to the man who half of his adult life was working for the theater, proclaiming its popularity among the masses, even if his name does not say anything to someone who did not see anything on Broadway or in general has never been in a theater. His mentor was Sondheim and the last name is loud, unlike Bucchino.

In this cycle of songs, in addition to simple expressions of concern and emotion, the characters through the lyrics and gestures reveal their personal relationships, different views on life, when one is afraid to give too little, and the second – to give too much. There is also a self-examination and discussion aloud in public of their decisions, showing some nudity of souls that performed pretty well in the complete absence of lyrics amongst the songs. It is public entertainment through the prism of gratitude to one person (even if not in the form of “In the loving memory of…”), an attempt to use the stage time, giving instead the different characters, sometimes acting on their unlikeness.

This is another production that is and will be quite a popular topic for school and university productions, where it is important to teach students self-expression and emotionally simple things will suit better for this.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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