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A Contact High lyrics

A Contact High

So big deal, what if I did walk in at 3:30 AM?
You act like I was some kind of?
Hey did you see those lights in the driveway?
Nevermind, no I?m fine its just that?
Hey did you hear a dog in the trash cans?
It must be my imagination, now where was I?
Oh yeah I think you need a drink,
You should relax you?re too upset over a little thing like this,
Yes I wear my shades at night.

What do you mean? No I don?t smell anything odd
There was a lot of incense at the?
Hey not my glasses! Yeah, there a little bloodshot;
On the way home some dirt flew on my contact lens.
Alright, so some of the guys were smoking pot, but I was not!
Have you ever known me to lie?
Must have been a contact high.

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