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It's Only Life Lyrics

  1. The Artist at 40
  2. Unexpressed
  3. Painting My Kitchen
  4. Sweet Dreams
  5. Playbill
  6. That Smile
  7. Love Quiz
  8. A Contact High
  9. What You Need
  10. When You're Here When You're Here Video  add
  11. It Feels Like Home
  12. A Powerful Man A Powerful Man Video  add
  13. I'm Not Waiting/Progression
  14. It's Only Life   add
  15. Love Will Find You in Its Time
  16. If I Ever Say I'm Over You
  17. This Moment
  18. On My Bedside Table On My Bedside Table Video  add
  19. I've Learned to Let Things Go I've Learned to Let Things Go Video  add
  20. Taking the Wheel
  21. Grateful
  22. A Glimpse of the Weave A Glimpse of the Weave Video  add

Some of those, whose names are listed in the Synopsis section, are not only performers of the songs on this collection of 23, but also the authors (co-authors). This is a short cycle of musical revues, written under the direction of Daisy Prince, so called It's Only Life, generalize ordinary emotional manifestations of people. They gathered under one roof songs from ones, who have achieved some success, but they are a cohort of not very famous actors. They don’t have bright success, which could be seen with the naked eye. Most of them on their page on Wikipedia does not even have a photo, that is, they are not public figures, although Billy Porter played in dozens of films and two more musicals, and his number of awards and nominations is about the same as all the other actors from this collection have combined. Maybe he has pages in the social networks, but they are not advertised (the impression that he wants to become even more covered with negligence than Keanu Reeves).
Release date: 2006
Last Update:March, 28th 2016

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