How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying synopsis

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Synopsis - Broadway musical

The main character Finch works as a washer. Once, he finds a book about business, but decides not to try to begin. However, the internal voice prompts him that he needs to try. Finch meets Mr. Biggley, the director of the post, and his beautiful secretary, who acquaints him with Mr. Brett. The guy receives a job connected with mail. The lazy snob Bud becomes an employee of Finch. The secretary after some time dreams to live together with Finch.

During a break, the guy meets the director of the post office, Mr. Twimble, who tells him about the secrets of successful business. Soon he is invited to higher position, and he wants to find a replacement. He suggests Finch to take his place. However, his book prompts that he shouldn't remain on the mail for a long time, therefore, he refuses. In exchange, he suggests taking Bud, but the director doesn't want to see such a lazy person on this place. However, he promises that he will be a good worker. Finch is suggested to hold a new position. Now he is the junior head in a department of a prestige firm.

An attractive woman works in this office. Actually, she is Mr. Biggley's lover. Finch learns that Mr. Biggley graduated from an old prestigious college, and pretends that he has been studying at this place too. The man trusts him. Bud falls in love with his mistress, and now he is dismissed. So, Finch becomes a head of the firm. Finch and Rosemarie make a declaration of love to each other. The book says that Finch has to create his own unique idea. Bud offers him a search of treasures. The guy agrees. He doesn't know that Mr. Biggley already know about this idea and rejected it.

Finch says to Rosemarie about his idea and she supports him. He also describes it to Biggley himself, and this time, the director agrees. They create a television show. The key role belongs to Biggley’s mistress. During the first telecast, they ask her to say that she doesn't know, where the treasures are. The scared girl tells secrets to all the audience. The alarm begins. Finch thinks that now he has to work as a washer again. However, Womper (the chairman of the board) goes to travel all over the world and the guy takes his place. Rosemarie inspires him for the further achievements. Bud is dismissed. Now Bud works as a washer.
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