Threnody lyrics - Harmony

Threnody lyrics


Ba da da harmony
Then just maybe we've got a chance

Oh, they're singing your song

[MARY, spoken]
Rabbi, they're singing your song

He's on the train

[GIRL 1, spoken]
He's on the train, the Führer, I can't believe it!

[GIRL 2, spoken]
The Führer?

[GIRL 1, spoken]
He's actually here, and he's coming this way!

[MARY, spoken]
This isn't happening

[YOUNG RABBI, spoken]
I'm afraid it is

[MARY, spoken]
Rabbi, what are you doing, sit down. For the love of god, Joe, sit down!

Sh'ma yisrael

Adonai eloheinu, adonai echad

[RABBI, spoken]
You can do it, you can do it
This is your chance
They have the guns, you grab a gun, you shoot the gun
This is your time
Do it, do it, nothing to it
Kill him, and it's over
So they kill you, so what?
Doesn't matt?r, does it?
No, yes, no
You can do it
If you do it
It will change th? world
You change everything
But no, nothing, nothing, you did nothing
And you punishment is to remember everything
You alone will remember everything
You'll remember harmony
You'll remember every single day
You'll remember every empty night
You'll remember the chance that was yours
To obliterate his
And the truth of it all
And the truth of it is, you did nothing
Like the thousands who followed, nothing
Like the millions who stood by, and watched, and denied

But worst of all, just like them all
You stepped aside

Sh'ma yisrael adonai eloheinu adonai echad
What were you thinking, didn't you know?
Mary knew, didn't you?
Yes, no, yes
Why was I chosen?
To remember, to relive
To forget, to forgive
No, yes, no
Sh'ma yisrael adonai

Nothing, you did nothing
Every single day
You'll remember every endless night
You'll remember till the day you die
You did nothing
Nothing nothing

You could have killed him
He killed mama
He killed papa
You could have stopped him
The evil
You could have stopped the lunacy
You could have stopped the train

Why, why
'Till the day you die
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