The Wedding lyrics - Harmony

The Wedding lyrics

The Wedding

[Rabbi & Cantor]
Adonai li, lo irah
Adonai li, lo irah
Mah ya'aseh li adam
Mah ya'aseh li adam
Adonai li lo

[Rabbi & Cantor]

As you enter the house of Israel, may you find happiness and peace


Every single day 'til this moment, this is what I dreamed
We would find a way to this moment, crazy as it seemed
You take this man who knows he's not the prince you've waited for
But swears he'll do the best he can and then do more

Every single day, I could see us as we're standing here
How my heart would say, that could be us, don't give into f?ar
The god I know would surely show us how
Look, we found a way and w?'ll always, every single day, starting now

Look at us, who'd have thought? It's a miracle to me

[Young Rabbi]
God only knows, but somehow this was always meant to be

[Young Rabbi & Mary]
Every single day from this moment, we will be as one

[Chopin & Ruth]
May the words we say at this moment, never be undone

[Young rabbi, Mary, Chopin, & Ruth]
The glass is filled with hope to build upon
May we find our way
As I love you, honor and obey
And we'll love you every single day

Mazel tov

[Young Rabbi, Mary, Chopin, & Ruth]
From now on
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