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No, I will not let you do this, Harry
This is how it starts
This is how people like us get hot and blow it
And you know it
Common sense depart
Leaving a riot, rumors, lies, and doubts
Do we give our hearts to Americans waiting to hate the invading intruders?
We are the filthy polluters
Silly Germans, with their accents
What a bunch of ridiculous Katzenjammer Krauts
They toss a bouquet
Then toss us away
No, I say we all just go home
Home, where they know us and we're together
Under a sky that found a space to place our star
Home where they love us and where it's our time
It's why we happened, it's who we are
Yes, I say we go home


Maybe we should quit
Maybe there really is more to life without it
Oh, I doubt it
We could always split
Some of us stay or we go our separate ways
Say to hell with it
You could hurry back to the infirmary, you to the shtetl
Do you think we could settle?
Waiting tables, playing brothels
And the memories rattle around us all our days
Don't topple the throne
Just leave it alone
Hell, I say we all just go home
Home, where they know us

It's still home

And we're together

It's our home

[Bobby, Chopin & Erich]
Under a sky that found a place to place our star (There's only one)
Home where they love us (Times will change)
And where it's our time (There's time to run)
It's why we have it (At home, we can change it)
It's who we are

[Bobby, Chopin, & Erich]
I say we go home

You could have done it
You could have stopped it
But no, nothing
What were you thinking?
Wasn't it clear?
Didn't you know?
No, yes, no
Do it, do it, nothing to it
Nothing, you did nothing
All you do is turn around and then you say it
No, we can't go
And we don't go
But no, nothing, say it
It's not home, fellas
Home's not there
Stop 'em, do it, damn it
Tell them what you know now
Quick, before the moment
Harry turned to me and—
If we're together, we can weather any storm


We'll go home
It's our home too
Our home
Our home

Stop them now or you'll regret it all your life
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