Harmony Musical Lyrics

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Harmony Lyrics

  1. Act I
  2. Overture Overture Video  add
  3. Harmony Harmony Video  add
  4. And What Do You See? And What Do You See? Video  add
  5. This Is Our Time This Is Our Time Video  add
  6. Your Son Is Becoming a Singer Your Son Is Becoming a Singer Video  add
  7. Every Single Day
  8. How Can I Serve You Madam? How Can I Serve You Madam? Video  add
  9. The Wedding The Wedding Video  add
  10. Home Home Video  add
  11. Act II
  12. We’re Goin’ Loco! We’re Goin’ Loco! Video  add
  13. Hungarian Rhapsody #20 Hungarian Rhapsody #20 Video  add
  14. Come To The Fatherland! Come To The Fatherland! Video  add
  15. Where You Go Where You Go Video  add
  16. In This World In This World Video  add
  17. Threnody Threnody Video  add
  18. Stars In the Night

Six remarkably talented young men form a singing group who become international sensations: The Comedian Harmonists. They sell millions of records, star in major motion pictures, and play the biggest theaters around the world. By 1935, they were never heard from again. What happened? That’s the extraordinary true story of HARMONY.
Release date: 2023
Last Update:November, 20th 2023

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