Stick Around lyrics - Golden Boy

Stick Around lyrics

Stick Around

Stick around, things are gonna happen,
Fireworks, stick around and see.
Watch me in the arena, eat crackerjack
While I'm smackin' some hack for a fee.
Stick around, you can hold the basket
While I shake that money tree.
And of course, in certain cases,
A dark horse may win some races,
Stick around, lady, and see.

Stick around, and you'll see some action,
Who can tell what the kid will do?
Here I go after diamonds, and I'll come back
With a sackful and toss you a few.
Stick around, you can shine my trophies,
Lead the cheers when they shout for me.
And if I come up a winner,
Brotherhood week, take me to dinner,
Stick around, lady, and see the boy who's gonna fight,
See that boy start moving right,
Stick around, lady, and see.
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