Everything's Great lyrics - Golden Boy

Everything's Great lyrics

Everything's Great

Everything's great,
Couldn't be better,
Up to my ears in debt.
Rent overdue,
Nothing but worries,
How great can things get?
Here I am, Thomas J. Moody,
Three year-old suit from Robert J. Hall.
Jesus H. Christ, where am I heading?
These lucky feet find the one street
That's guaranteed to lead to a brick wall.
Every old horse
Has to win sometime,
When is it my big purse?
Things have to change,
Gotta get better,
They could not get worse.

Here I am, still getting nowhere,
Making believe it's all so divine.
Had to get hung on Mister Married,
Doing things right, that's not my line;
Screwing things up, that's where I shine.

Just what I need,
She's gonna kill me,
Milking me dry, my wife.

Everything's great,
Couldn't be better...

Birds are singing...

(Vultures, maybe...)

Flowers blooming...

(Poison ivy...)

What a perfect life.
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