Lorna's Here lyrics - Golden Boy

Lorna's Here lyrics

Lorna's Here

Lorna's here, and she's gonna stay.
Lorna's here, and baby, she won't go away.
All my talk of leaving is only talk;
I'm much too dumb to take that walk.
Try to lose me, honey, just try.
I'm with you forever, you big ugly guy.
It's so sad, it's funny,
I need you the way you need me.
I don't always show it,
But I know you know it,
Lorna's here, where Lorna should be.

Lorna's here to hold you,
So like it or not, you've got me.
Maybe I can't do much,
But when things get too much,
Lorna's here, where Lorna should be.
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