Golden Boy review

Golden Boy review

Golden Boy Review - Broadway musical

The adaptation, turned the main character into the Afro-American, leads this musical to the class of those, which would be actual for all the times. As when the movement for the civil rights was in its height, as now, when the same problems with the same force were on peak, as at the present times. A chosen subject is very specific and the plot of the musical a priori adjusts a viewer on a drama. Adding a tragic romance with the white girl makes the musical successful among a sensitive audience. From time to time, it can be cheerful, but the end will precisely force if not to shed a tear, than to deeply become thoughtful. Of course, it can already be considered a worthy merit of founders.

Not less powerful contribution was left by legendary Samuel George Davis Jr., whose skill doesn't cease to surprise every time, when you reconsider videos with his performances on a stage. That's a contradictory nature, whose wide smile of the showman is combined with deep drama filling. Davis skillfully plays on contrasts, it is simply impossible to come off his play. In addition, that it is possible to consider all his pluses and minuses, at some point it becomes similar to a show of single actor, who is easily eclipsing all others with himself, but sometimes it is felt that it is a musical with many narrative stories, after all.

Certainly, songs were also written under a unique manner of Davis. The Strouse-Adams duet properly tried, having created such things, as "Can't You See It?", "Night Song" and other singing, which are given rise, when executed by Davis. Of course, the association in that point is rather with the jazz singer, than with the boxer, but it is impossible, after all, to criticize the actor for his too bright identity, isn't it?

Even those who are not fond of the interracial conflicts, should see the play, at least for the sake of a fascinating plot with an unexpected, tragic outcome, the inimitable actor in a leading role and delightful music.
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