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Three Little Words lyrics

Three Little Words

(Sam and Molly)

I wanna marry you Sam
I’ve been thinking about it,
I’ve been thinking about it a lot
I think we should just do it
You’re serious
Yeah, what is that look for
You never wanted to talk about it
Do you love me Sam?
What do you think?
Then say it
What are you talking about I say it all the time
No you don’t, you say ditto,
It’s not the same

I say it with my eyes,
When I hold you close at night
When I make you scrambled eggs,
When I tell you silly jokes
When I turn out the light

Sometimes you need to hear it Sam,
I need to hear it
So I can really feel it,
So I can really feel it’s true

Molly, you know exactly how…

Don’t speak, don’t talk
You love me Sam, I know you do
I see it in you eyes,
I know it’s in your heart
There are no secrets there, no lies
Still when we’re apart,
I get this fear and need to hear
I love you; I love you here in my life
And everything about us is right
When you find it there’s no reason to hide
From those three little words
That come from deep down inside

Come on lets go

People may say it every day
But it’s really not the only way to reveal it
But they say it Sam, Sam they say it
It doesn’t matter what their saying,
If words are all they are conveying
If you feel it, and believe it
Then it should be all you need to know, it’s true

Sometimes you need to hear it Sam,
I need to hear it
Or else you begin to fear;
Begin to fear it isn’t true
I’d love to hear it everyday,
But even just this one time it’s OK
I can live that way

It’s not like I ever doubt it,
But I’d really like to hear about it
It’s not like you have to doubt it,
I don’t want to have to shout it
What your feeling, what are you feeling
What are you feeling

You here in my life, and everything about us is right
I say it when I sing, when I make you tea at night
When I massage your feet, when I ask if your alright
If its love how can you keep it inside
You could just say it now Sam, give me a sign
You here in my life, and everything about us is right
I shower you with my touch, when we’re visiting your aunt
When I put away your shoes, when I laugh at all your jokes
I don’t know why I can’t
It’s just three little words Sam, do you love me.
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