Focus lyrics - Ghost the Musical

Focus lyrics


(Subway Ghost)

You wanna move something, Move it, go on
Give it a shove
You finger won’t do it it’s all in your head
Its time you knew it come on man your dead
You don’t have a body, you don’t have a nose
Look at those fingers you don’t even have those
This is your reality you got no physicality
And everything you used to be is useless to you now
You croaked, you cronked you broke you passed
Good luck to your ass, you hardly get started
To the dearly departed
You’re no more than a vapour, an apparition of mist
Don’t exist like you did
Because your dead, can do you dig what I said?

I didn’t do it; you know I didn’t do it
If I ever thought about it no one ever knew it
I didn’t do it, you know I didn’t do it
I didn’t do it

Dam it dam it, it just keeps passing through
You gotta focus
Focus, how do you focus?

No hocus pocus, fix it on the locust
Focus like a laser, a taser, a fazer, razor
Comin across dimensions it’s about intention

What am I doing wrong?

You wanna move something from over here
Take all your fear
All your longing, righting and wronging, banging and gonging
And gather them all into a ball
A ball of rolling, seething, breathing massive intention

You think I did it and just won’t admit it
Even if I told you why I know you wouldn’t get it
You think I hid it, that I’d even commit it
I didn’t do it

Why isn’t it working
I’m doing everything you say

You’ve got to take all the hatred, take all the fear
Shove them in your gut, shove them down here
Your love and desire, it’s like your on fire
And let them implode like your ready to explode
Now feel the tension, that’s the key factor
Focus your attention like a nuclear reactor

I did it, I did it, I did it
Way to go kid
Thank you, really I mean it
How long have you been here
Since they pushed me
Someone pushed you
Yeah someone pushed me, what do you think I fell
You think I jumped, well screw you
It wasn’t my time, I wasn’t supposed to go
I’m not supposed to be here
Who the hell are you, why are you hounding me
Who sent you, leave me alone

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