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Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway lyrics

Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway

The west so they say,
Is the home of the jay,
And missouri's the state
That can grind them.

This may all be,
But just take it from me,
You don't have to go out west to find them.

If you want to see the real jay delegation,
The place where the real rubens dwell,
Just hop on a train at the grand central station,
Get off when they shout "new rochelle!"

Only forty-five minutes from broadway,
Think of the changes it brings;
For the short time it takes,
What a diff'rence it makes,
In the ways of the people and things.

Oh! what a fine bunch of rubens,
Oh! what a jay atmosphere
They have whiskers like hay,
And imagine broadway
Only forty-five minutes from here.

When bunco men hear that their game is so near,
They'll be swarming here thicker than bees are
In barnum's best days,
Why he never saw jays
That were easier to get to than these are.

You tell them old jokes
And they laugh till they sicken;
There's giggles and grins here to let.
I told them that one about "why does a chicken?"
The rubens are all laughing yet!

Only forty-five minutes from broadway,
Not a cafe in the town;
Oh! the place is a bird,
No one here ever heard,
Of delmonico, rector or browne.

With a ten dollar bill you're a spendthrift;
If you open a bottle of beer.
You're a sport,
So they say,
And imagine broadway
Only forty-five minutes from here.
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