George M! Musical Lyrics

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George M! Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Musical Moon   add
  3. Oh, You Wonderful Boy   add
  4. All Aboard For Broadway   add
  5. Musical Comedy Man Musical Comedy Man Video  add
  6. I Was Born in Virginia
  7. Twentieth Century Love Twentieth Century Love Video  add
  8. My Town My Town Video  add
  9. Billie Billie Video  add
  10. Push Me Along In My Push Cart   add
  11. Ring To The Name Of Rose
  12. Popularity
  13. Give My Regards To Broadway
  14. Act 2
  15. Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway
  16. So Long, Mary
  17. Down By The Erie
  18. Mary
  19. All Our Friends All Our Friends Video  add
  20. Yankee Doodle Dandy
  21. Nellie Kelly I Love You
  22. Harrigan
  23. Over There
  24. You're A Grand Old Flag
  25. The City   add
  26. I'd Rather Be Right   add
  27. Dancing Our Worries Away   add
  28. The Great Easter Sunday Parade   add
  29. Hannah's a Hummer   add
  30. Barnum and Bailey Rag   add
  31. The Belle of the Barber's Ball   add
  32. The American Ragtime The American Ragtime Video  add
  33. All in the Wearing   add
  34. I Want to Hear a Yankee Doodle Tune   add

The musical's base has been made up by John & Francine Pascal. Michael Stewart additionally participated in co-authorship. George Cohan performed as the author of lyrics and the rest musical content so as his daughter, Mary Cohan (she also participated in the act).

The musical was opened on the Broadway’s scene in 1968. Palace Theatre decided to make it after 8 previews and it succeeded with following 427 performances. The producer was an American, Emanuel Azenberg. Choreography and direction were staged by the Broadway well-known Joe Layton. The main part was acted by magnificent Joel Grey. This role's performance got awarded by Tony prize. Jerry Dodge and Betty Ann Grove starred as Cohan’s parents, who always inspired and supported him.

In 1970, the television adaptation was made by NBC network. That was a staged show where the actors were speaking about George’s life and show business as well as rehearsing, singing and dancing.
Release date: 1968
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