You Rule My World lyrics - Full Monty, The

You Rule My World lyrics

You Rule My World

Look at you, you're lying there
I feel your milky skin, caress your silky hair
For all these years you've been with me
I tilt my chin and what I see is

Only you...
Not feet or knees
You grumble and I stumble
Towards the Meunster cheese
I'm in your spell, a chubby fool
And anyone can tell
You rule my world - my world -
No matter what I do
You rule my world

Look at you - my life, my dream -
My lady with the eighty-dollar
Slumber cream
The hundred-dollar haircuts
The novelty appliances we never use

And all those shoes
You bought for when we go on
The Alaskan cruise
My boat is sinking, I don't care
You're everything I want
You rule my world - my world -
You're everything I need

Anywhere you go I'll follow

Anywhere I'll follow you

Anything you want I'll give you

Anything at all

Harold & Dave
Anything you feel hollow, don't worry

I'll make you whole.
Look at me

And hold me hard

A moment please, before they seize the Visa card

'Cause I'd do anything to keep you

You rule my world Dave
I'll swallow it whole

Just take a look at me

You never leave my side

Why can't I let you go?

Why can't I just lose -
You rule my world

Harold & Dave
My world

Though I'm unemployed

A tad depressed

I'm overweight

I'm overdressed

Harold & Dave
There's nothing I can do, you rule my world

There's nothing I can do...
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