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Michael Jordan's Ball lyrics

Michael Jordan's Ball

When Michael's got the basketball
It's Michael's house from wall to wall
You hear that name, it's a diff'rent game
When it's Michael Jordan's ball

When it's Michael's ball you're dead, you're through
'Cause Michael takes the game to you
He's in your face, you lost the race
It's Michael Jordan's ball

The fake, the spin
The drive and then he's in the paint
The pump, the jump, and he's up in the air
Like a goddamn saint!

When Micheal bolts and he penetrates
You feel the volts he generates
He's slick as soap, he's King, he's Pope
He's Michael Friggin' Jordan!

Jerry & Men
You fake, you spin, you drive
And then you're in the paint
You pump, you jump, and you're up there!

And you're through the roof
And you're in the zone
Two-hundred-proof testosterone
You're bad, you're hot, you're almost God!

You're Michael Jordan...
Say it!
I'm Michael -

I'm Michael -

I'm Michael -

I'm Michael -

I'm Michael -

I'm Michael -

Jerry, Dave & Malcolm
I'm Michael - Ethan, Harold & Horse
Michael Jordan -

Let's get ready to rumba!!
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