Full Monty, The synopsis

Full Monty, The synopsis

Full Monty, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

In a small provincial town in the State of New York, once successful steel manufacture was stopped and many workers have now lost their positions and hate to receive periodic unemployment cheques, allowing them to exist somehow. The manufacture collapses, every single thing of equipment is stolen out of it, which also leads to failure, not only against the backdrop of employment security, but also in the families of its former employees. One of the wives work, securing the whole family with money, while some others have been divorced long ago and a wife regrets now that she could not bring her ex-husband to court for child support payments, as he has lost a job, and alimony are not paid from unemployment cheques.

Seeing once the fact that their wives are willing to pay for the striptease, which they behold in the local strip bar, the men decided to start an interesting event – they organize a team of male strippers, picking up everyone from the town's population. The failed suicide guy joins them first, a shy and clumsy man, who was saved from carbon monoxide poisoning in his car. And now, through this work, he find self-confidence, becomes more independent from his oppressive mother.

Another man who hid from his wife that he had lost a job in the factory, also joins the company of future strippers, because he has no other choice. After that, the company does the auditioning of several contenders in the local club scene and only one of them fails, while the rest passes. The failed guy returns back to own children that were waiting for him in the car, and among those who have passed are even such, who has developing arthritis, but all take his style of dance as a skill, not as a sign of a disease. One of them is fatty little man who worries about his excessive weight and ugly look.

At the first rehearsal one is fired off, who was bringing the company in a decadent mood. Despite the exhortations of leaders in the bright future, in the course of the rest of the rehearsals, the cast picks up more and more doubts about the success of the show, since some individuals – almost all the participants – not sure of their outward appearance.

During the period of the main final rehearsal, at home of one of them, men for the first time undress in front of each other and are horrified by their unsightly appearance, losing faith in the upcoming success. However, when collectors came for a certain property, the view of almost naked men scares them, and confidence returns to latter. After making a deposit for the rental of the nightclub, they settled on the first submission. But they are interrupted by the police, catching them with pants down, thinking that something not proper is going on and even taking them to the police station. Once they were taken out by their wives in tears, thanks to them, a fame of upcoming show is spread through the city. The organizers promise a great success since they will undress completely. The fat man refuses to act and leaves, ashamed by his body.

After a few more changes in the composition, as well as a result of the encouragement and the anger from their wives and beloved ones, it turns out that the fame of upcoming event spread well and all the tickets on a show were sold out completely. Despite the uncertainty, men dare to do the spectacle and come out in full cast from behind the opening curtain to begin.
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