Full Monty, The review

Full Monty, The Review - Broadway musical

This production was noted by only a few awards, but multiple nominations. So, among them: Tony (2001, 10 nominations, 0 awards), Drama Desk (2001, 11 nominations, 1 win), Theatre World Award (1 win).

In the picture, there are a lot of half-naked men, and among them, oddly enough, more ugly bodies, than those that can be openly admired. But this is the irony and the power of this histrionics. After many men of stagnating small town were fired from a single city-forming enterprise – steel plant – they spontaneously decided to organize their own strip show, because have found that the women of the city are ready to lay out nice money for such a spectacle. The only thing they did not take into account – the aesthetic component of the enterprise – they have to look beautiful, but among them only one man with a really beautiful body is present (and with a good, muscular buttocks). But, on the other hand, the musical, in addition to its comic element (comedic scenes are abound here, believe us – the story itself suggests this), teaches of many important things. Firstly, that suicide – is not an option for a strong man out of difficult situations (in the course of the story, one of the future participants of strip show wanted to commit suicide after inhaling carbon monoxide in own car). After all, no matter what difficulty it would have been – loss of a job, a complete lack of money to pay the rent or a school for your children – you can always find the strength not to limp, but to collect all will in a fist, bite the bullet and go look for a job. Fifth, the eighteenth or the thirty-seventh interview shall necessarily bring a success. Secondly, despite the prevailing adverse life circumstances, if you are strong in body and in spirit, you can even arrange something of your own, and the lack of experience in the upcoming result really should not aware you, if you aspire very much for your own thing. After all, one way or another, almost all great things in the world were always been made by those who had no experience, but who was not afraid to go forward, not on the beaten track. Walked ways don’t bring anything, except for the gray everyday’s life. And thirdly, if you are afraid to do something new – it's completely natural. Strong personalities use their fear for the sake of daring to winning jumps, turning it into courage. While weak persons, by contrast, will turn any virility into cowardice.

This musical visited, in addition to the main scenes of the world – Broadway and West End – yet many countries, with successful tours, infecting numerous hordes of fans with laughter and showing the boldness to reach new horizons. Only on Broadway, it went for 2 years, giving 800+ hits (during which there was a tragic event – actor K. Freeman died due to natural reasons, so he was replaced). All the continents, more than 20 countries – a very good achievement for a team of people, many of whom did not have previous experience in conduction of such grandiose productions. The Full Monty – the name was given because the participants of a strip show decided to "go to the end", completely undressing on the stage, rising the degree of popularity before its premiere among the female population of their hometown.
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