Scrap lyrics - Full Monty, The

Scrap lyrics


What I want? That's easy asshole -
I want a job
I want to feel like a person instead of a slob
I wanna wake up knowing where I'm gonna go
Not going nowhere
Wandering the streets of Buffalo
'Cause it's a slow town
When you don't know where to go

I'll be wetting down the razor
Then I'll figure
"What's the point?"
So I go into the living room
Roll another joint. Then lunch. Then a beer
Then sitting like an ape on the sofa
With a hankie
And the same old porno tape

And that's a big day when you're scrap

What I want? I'll tell you jerky -
I want a life
I want to feel like the husband
Instead of the wife
I want to get some sleep when I go to bed
Instead of lying there digging through
The garbage in my head

Jerry & Dave
And it's a long night when you're scrap
It's a long, long nightwhen you're scrap

I know what I want.
A place of my own. It could be a room, even. Just so it's mine.

I don't know what i want. Something. Somebody.

I guess I'm lonely

I'm lonely
I don't know what to do
I should get out -

A bar -

Ethan & Malcolm
A party or two

I sure could use a friend

Somebody -

Ethan & Malcolm
But there's that horrifying moment when
They ask you what you do

Hi. I'm Malcolm, a complete loser who still lives at home with his mother.

Hi. I'm Dave Bukatinsky.
I just defrosted my refrigerator and vacuumed my living room.
And how was your day?

Hi, I'm Jerry Lukowski. I'm 32, out of work, divorced, in debt up to my balls.
I need some serious dental work and
if I don't make some money soon they won't let me see my kid.
I'm fed up, frustrated, angry and oh yeah -


So what I want - that's easy
I want to understand
How I got to be a loser
And I used to be a man
And I don't know where I'm going
I don't know why I'm here
All I know is that the future
Will include another beer

And that's important -

I just want some veal
Or a steak on the table
'S that too much to ask?
I just want something real
Something right, something stable
'S that too much to ask?

I just want to feel like
I know what my label is
Just tell me what my label is

Just give me
Anything but... I'm happy to be
Anything but...
I don't wanna be...
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