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Life With Harold lyrics

Life With Harold

You gotta love that man
He's like my personal angel
I've always wanted the kind of life
That I've been having as Harold's wife
What a catch I have caught
He would buy me the moon
If the moon could be bought
I'm telling you -
You gotta love that man

Why can't you just tell her?

She adores me. How do you break the heart of someone you love?

I really love that man
He likes me dressed to the nines
I saw two words and then ta-da
There's me completely in Prada
And I've got the boots that go with the belt
That goes with the bag
That goes with my wonderful life with Harold
You gotta love that man

So he tells me you boys are rollers at the mill.
That's wonderful. Of course,
I don't actually know what rollers do, but hey,
I hardly know what Harold does over there. It's all steel to me.

Look at her. She's a piece of Dresden china.
She'd break into a million pieces!

God, I love that man
But lately he's working too hard
I keep on telling him how we
Should take a few weeks in Maui
And we'll feel the breeze and sample the poi
And go see Don Ho and I'll say
"Oh boy, how I love you, Harold"
I hit the jackpot with Harry

He's a gem - he's a beaut
He looks cute in a suit and he loves me to boot
I'm telling you
You gotta love that man

Love that man
I love that man
I love that man!
Love that man
You gotta love that man
You really gotta love
That man
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