Footloose synopsis

Footloose synopsis

Footloose Synopsis - Broadway musical

Ren is a teenager, relieving stress after a day with dancing in a nightclub. But this is his last visit, because he is forced to move with his mother in a small town to stay with relatives because of financial difficulties of mother.

In the new town, local Reverend condemns modern customs, dancing and music. Ren finds a new friend, who advises this guy to give up dancing because it is prohibited in the city. New friends of fellow explain him that minister banned dancing, after four children died in a car crash, returning after the dance. One of those killed was the kid of the Holy Father. Friends advised guy to hide, not to get into trouble.

The daughter of the reverend, Ariel, quarrels with parents, as those are against her relationship with her boyfriend. After school, the boys gather in the cafeteria. Ren moonlights as a waiter here. Reverend's daughter shares with her friends that she wants to find a true love. It's not liked by her current boyfriend; between young people quarrel rises out. Ren comes to the aid of the girl. After work, this guy meets a girl, and she tells him that she hates her hometown and everything that is in here and dreams of a big thing. Later the man accompanies a girl home and then they meet her parents. Father is unhappy with daughter's disobedience, and she accuses him in too excessive care. Father insists their friendship must be over, but after thinking about it, he reflects that might he be too hard on her.

Ren decides to quit dancing – it's the perfect way to ease the pressure of the city’s council and the church youth. But some time later, in his head appears the opposite plan: they need to find a dance teacher, as he decides to fight for his rights, part of which is the right to dance. Guys came to the neighboring town, where there a dance hall. Ren's friend tells him that he cannot dance. A former fellow of priest's daughter came into the house of her parents and tells them where their daughter currently is. Here comes Ariel, she tries to lie to their parents, but they are not responsible, as they know all the truth.

Ren is thinking about how to present the idea of dancing to the city council. He comes to the aid of the Reverend's daughter, she gives him a Bible, in which they found passages that he can use for his purposes. At a meeting of the Board of Council, the guy says that according to the Bible, dancing is allowed, but the Council does not listen to him. A young man comes to the house of the Reverend after the Board. Between men incommon things are found: the father lost his son, and the young man – his father. The next day, the Reverend announced that he allows dancing. Young people are happy.
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