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The One lyrics

The One

How does it start?
How does it last?
It's a miracle
two people get together.

How does your heart
choose who to cast
in a partner for the night or forever?

Every date you go on's like a chore.

Can you trust your judgment when it's been so poor?

Man#1 & 2:
You've gotten burned

Woman#1 & 2:
Wish you could run

All 4:
But if you do
Then you'll never ever find the one
The one
Are you ever gonna find the one?

How will it go?

Where will it lead?

Man#1 & Woman#1:
Will tonight become a lifetime full of magic?

Go with the flow.

You might succeed.

Man#2 & Woman#2:
Meeting someone you don't think is fuckin tragic.

Will the minutes feel like hours, even years?

Or will you connect and share your deepest fears?

Man#1 & 2:
It's so damn hard
And so not fun

All 4:
Still you go on
in that endless search to find the one
The one
Are you ever gonna find the one?

Man#1 & Woman#1:
How do you stay optimistic
when there are so many ways to fail?

Man#2 & Woman#2:
Don't wanna be another statistic

All 4:
Who didn't get the fairy tale.

All 4 + Waiter:
Where the hell's this fairy tale?!

Dating's a bitch
(It's a bitch!)
Dating's unfair
(It's so unfair!)

It's like a battle where you find out what you're made of

Man#1(& the rest):
Wish you could ditch
(Let's ditch!)
This cruel affair
(This affair)

The stakes are high and there's so much to be afraid of.

When you're far from perfect, stuck in your own way
Woman#1 & #2:
All your baggage keeps your chance of love at bay.

All 4+Waiter:
And so until
The game is done

You hold out hope
that before you lose your mind
You'll meet your match
and won't end up left behind.

All 4+Waiter:
Maybe tonight is the night you're gonna find the one
(The one!)
The one
(The one!)
__Could tonight be when you find
The one?
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