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First Impressions lyrics

First Impressions

CASEY [Spoken]
So, do you agree with Kevin?

AARON [Spoken]
About what?

CASEY [Spoken]
Am I really cute?

AARON [Spoken]
What? You can't just ask me that

CASEY [Spoken]
Why not?
You said you're an open book
So? Am I?

She's a little artsy
She's hip and cool
She's just like all those girls
That ignored me all through school
She's kinda indie and pretty hot
She's a lot like all the things that I am not
There's some Asian symbol
Tattooed on her wrist
She's got the kinda look that says
'Hello world, I'm pissed'
She's sorta hostile
Her guns are drawn
Is it weird or just screwed up
That I'm turned on?

But that's just the first impression
I could be totally wrong
It's only a first impression

And maybe she's
A stuffy and conservative
Way uptight girl who's still a virgin
Never goes past second base
Supressing every single urge
Until she marches down the aisle
And finally ties the knot
She could want a giant family
Be an opera devotee
Hell, even have a PhD
Yes, that's who she could be

CASEY [Spoken]
I'm waiting

AARON [Spoken]
Uhh, yes, you're very

CASEY [Spoken]

AARON [Spoken]
No! I mean, attractive
Desirable, stunningly beautiful
How 'bout the...
All of the above
And what adjectives would you use to describe me?

He's a bit annoying
And over-dressed
He's got the kinda vibe that says
'Look at me, I'm stressed'

Really, there are just so many adjectives
To choose from, I wouldn't even know where to start

Probably likes to cuddle
Long walks in the park
And if he likes sex bet it's only in the dark

But that's just the first impression
I could be totally wrong
It's only a first impression

And maybe he's a
Nasty, uninhibited, ferocious tiger in the sack
Who rides a Harley, hits the gym
And makes his money dealing crack
Two wealthy kids in private schools
Who treat him like a god
He could kick some ass just like Bruce Lee
Engage in online piracy
And not take any shit from me

Yes that's who he could

That's who she could

That's who he/she could be

But that's just a first impression
I could be totally wrong
It's only a first impression
And though the impression is strong
It never can hurt to question
Though I doubt this will lead to romance

Sometimes the ones who seem great
Are a nightmare to date

Either way I've been burned

But the one thing I've learned
Is oftentimes first impressions

Are worth a second glance

It's worth a second glance

It's worth a second glance
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