Fiddler on the Roof synopsis

Fiddler on the Roof Synopsis - Broadway musical

Musical based on the work of the writer Marc Chagall named The Fiddler, tells the story of a small village in the faces of several people. We meet a Jewish family, where the poor milkman has five daughters and sharp-tongued wife, preparing for Shabbat dinner. Local matchmaker brings them the information that the recently widowed rich butcher wants to be a husband of the eldest of their daughters, Tzeitel and soon enough he will woo her. Everybody is excited about the event, except for this girl who wants to marry a poor but hardworking, young and beautiful tailor with whom they have a mutual love. Her dad reflects on these plans (Tevye's Monologue) and thinks about harmony, not to force his daughter to marry and keep her unhappy for all life, but says nothing aloud.

During work, Tevye was talking to a friend who says about the hard political situation in their country – with pogroms and expelling the Jews. The occasional fellow traveler rebukes them for the fact that they only talk but do nothing more. Tevye invites one to his home so that he watched after a few of his daughters. After Saturday, the head of the family gives consent to the wedding of an old butcher and his eldest daughter, so she would never experienced a need. And then he meets the local constable, who warns that the main ethnic group of the country is going to do soon pogroms of Jews in this settlement. Due to the chagrin of his daughter that he decided to have a wedding with another, but not with her beloved, the latter comes to her father and says that he wants to marry her and that she will never starve. Upon reflection, he agrees to it and now he must reveal the change of plans for his wife and manqué husband. But his wife sees herself in the dream from the dead relatives that they are in favor of this marriage, and very fast agrees with her husband. Another of the daughters begins to meet secretly with a local guy, not from her commune.

During the pre-wedding ceremony, when all bring gifts, local skinheads come and smash the ceremony, spoiling endowments and causing injury to one of the guests, and depart unpunished.

Then another daughter with her lover ask father a blessing to their marriage followed love and he, after some resistance, gives in to them, knowing that he must change with the times, explaining this position to his wife, who amazed that he started to retreat from tradition too often. After a while, the groom of one of daughters is exiled for his revolutionary views and daughter volunteered to follow her husband, bitterly leaving father's house.

Months later, a poor tailor bought a new sewing machine and his family expects. One of the daughters, meeting with a man of not her commune, asked father to allow their marriage, to which he cannot consent. And then they are caught-up with the news that all the Jews are expelled from their homes and must go out of the country. Affected people have only 3 days. Married eldest daughter and her husband depart to Poland, together with another married sister, and the head of the family with his wife and the rest of daughters depart to America. On stage, the violinists played as a family goes out of the village with a farewell bow.
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