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Fiddler on the Roof Lyrics

The opening of the musical was in 1964 in Detroit, then it moved to Washington. In the same year, Majestic Theatre on Broadway hosted the show, where it went until 1970, exhibiting 3242 shows, which allowed it to enter the top 10 musicals on number of hits.

Marc Chagall, author of the writing – origin for musical – told reporters that he did not like this musical, despite the fact that it was staged as close as possible to his writing and even stage design was done according to illustrations in his book.

The spectacle had such actors: F. Stanley, Z. Mostel, P. Lipson, M. Karnilova, L. Nimoy, B. Arthur, H. Goz, A. Pendleton, T. Bikel, B. Convy, H. Bernardi, G. Conforti, D. Wilson, J. Migenes, P. Murray, J. Merlin, P. Zadora, B. Midler, A. Barbeau & C. Sawyer. Leonard Nimoy later became famous as Spock, one of the main characters from the Star Trek – the second most popular space franchise after Star Wars. Unfortunately, he died in early 2015.

Out of 10 nominations for Tony, the musical received 9 awards, and was commercially fantastically successful, eventually earning more than USD 1.5 thousand for every invested dollar (150.000% of ROI – even for the financial sector, such figure is more than fantastical).

West End was also a very productive platform for the musical – in 1967 it depicted 2030 hits, also came into the leaders on quantity. Main actor Chaim Topol in West End also played his character Tevye in films and subsequent resurrections of musical in Great Britain (1971 – movie, 1983 – the first renewal, 1994 – the second).

Broadway also brought a lot of happiness to fans of the show, continuing in 1976 (although with modest 176 hits). In 1981, it was even less – 53. In 1990, the show has shown pretty nice 241 runs and received 1 Tony. 2004 was marked by 800+ displays (including preliminary ones, with main stars Alfred Molina and Rosie O'Donnell), received 6 nominations and 0 awards of Tony. So far, the latest renewal on the date occurred in late 2015, with Jessica Hecht in the main female role.
Release date: 1964
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