Falsettoland synopsis

Falsettoland synopsis

Falsettoland Synopsis - Broadway musical

Description of the normal events in the life of the Jewish boy who soon plan celebration of own Bar Mitzvah, which is organized by his divorced parents. Among the participants, there is a psychiatrist who consults this couple, as well as caterer, which delivers kosher food. Of course, the latter is very glad to the fact that now there is a Year of the Child – the people start to spend more money on their children and their Bar Mitzvahs. The shrink recommends parents, in contrary, a modest holiday within just a family, when caterer is not fascinated by this idea. Still parents, thought, stop at the big celebration, deciding to spend a tone of money.

Their son, during a baseball game, manages to think not about the game, but about what of his acquaintances girls he wants to invite to this event – ones that should be there or ones he want them to be there. Not beating normally a single ball, he always hears the smirks in his address about the poor skills of the gaming, but once he accidentally hits the ball, he remains impressed by this so huge that forgets about the necessity to run.

In developing the details of the holiday, his parents are too fixated on literally every detail and it's so annoying that the boy wants to have all canceled, while caterer comforts him, saying that it is normal, when the boy hates his family – it happens to everyone, but passes then.

Then in his surrounding one of the young, who is gay, falls ill with AIDS and goes for treatment in a local hospital, he is comforted by all. The boy is given the option to cancel his Bar Mitzvah, if the loss of someone close to him is too strong test. But, since all die sooner or later, the boy decides that the Bar Mitzvah will take place in the hospital, to please dying and to give him a positive mood before approaching departure. The holiday is over, the person is taken to the morgue, and all reflect about their relationship with the deceased.
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