There's Always a Tomorrow lyrics - Dracula

There's Always a Tomorrow lyrics

There's Always a Tomorrow

I step across the line for you
I plunge myself in mortal sin
I sacrifice my soul to be your bride
I?ve give in to the feelings I can?t hide
I leap with you behind
Who cares if love is blind?
The certainty is bliss
At last I know my mind

Mina & Dracula
We?ll live our lives and then
We?ll live them once again
There?s always a tomorrow
There?s always a tomorrow
There?s always one more night

I hear you befor you speak
I?m with you wherever you are

When you sleep I?m in your dreams
I can read your thoughts from afar

The first time I saw your face
I knew I would make you mine
I felt a quickening of the pulse
I felt a shiver down my spine Mina,
you?re the chosen one out of all the loves I?ve known
And all my centuries alone

Mina (overlapping)
(I hear you before speak)
(I?m with you wherever you are)

Ever since I saw your face
I?ve been trying to deny that I was hopelessly in love
That I could ever say good-bye
Now I know this can?t be done
No I?ll turn away from light
And embrace your endless night

Dracula (Overlapping)
(When you sleep I?m in your dreams)
(I can hear your thoughts from afar)

But every time I see your face
I?m tormented by this doubt
Can I deprive you of your death?
Can I condemn you to live without this circle of despair?
Or should I not set you free and let you do the same for me?

I was born to love you
I was born to need you
These are simple truths that I try to betray

If you truly love me
Prove to me you love me
Free me and go back to the beauties of day

I can?t poison your life
I can?t drive you insane
I can?t drag you into my world of bloodlust and pain

My life is no life at all, it is bleak and unforgiving
Feeding on a stranger?s blood
Imprisoned by the night
What?s the use for longing life
When life is not worth living?
If you love me set me free and let me touch the light

Please don?t make me end this before it?s begun

Give me the true nightfall
Give me back to darkness
Give me back my soul
And step into the sun

I was born to love you

Lived and died to love you

I was born to love you, and need you, and let you go free
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