Dracula synopsis

Dracula synopsis

Dracula Synopsis - Broadway musical

Young lawyer named Jonathan goes on a long trip to the estate of a rich and eccentric client who wants to conclude a notary deal to buy the several acres of land. He arrives in client’s castle, which is located on the lands of the former Transylvania, in the Carpathian Mountains, at the junction between Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, in Europe. This area is full of old legends, as mountains and splendid forests, of many millions square kilometers, is a wonderful haven not only for the lynxes, wild boars, wolves and bears, but also for evil spirits – vampires, ghouls and other inhabitants of the underworld. Count, who turns out to be a vampire, tries to persuade Jonathan to stay at his for the first month, then another, during which his henchmen – seductive vampire girls, drink his blood, weakening him without letting escape. Meanwhile, Count, in the guise of a young man (and not 80-years-old, as he appeared during a meeting with Jonathan), meets and begins dating the bride of Jonathan, a young Mina, waiting for Jonathan’s return from captivity of Count. Meanwhile, Jonathan escapes, deceiving vampiresses, returning home much turned gray.

A friend of Mina, behaving very cheeky, has a number of fans, among ones cannot choose one to marry. She strongly falls under the influence of Dracula, who comes to her as the vampire, the fog, and even as a wild beast, and they engaged in intercourse on the gravestone near the mansion of Mina. Dracula makes her a vampire in a few days and her admirers have to invite famous hunter on evil spirits, Professor Van Helsing, to deal with it. One night, Mina’s friend eventually dies, but there are clear signs that she is a vampire. And because of them, a couple of nights later, they are down to her crypt, revealing that her tomb is empty, and then she comes to them in a white dress of the bride, with the child in her arms, whom she plans to dine. The men perform the ritual assassination of the vampire, causing a stick protrude out of her breast and the head cut off. Her admirers grieve, but understand that life with the vampire is impossible.

Dracula promises to Mina eternal life, as to her friend, which he turned into a vampire, but she has to live with him, because she reminds him very much his dead wife, who jumped off the roof, assuming that he was dead at war, many centuries ago. Mina feels growing affection for Count. Men, hunters, getting information from Jonathan about habit place of Count in Transylvania, want to find and to kill the beast. They go to his castle, there is an epic battle held, in which Count gets fatally wounded and dies. Mina feels a connection with him, knowing that she is the reincarnation of his wife, but she cannot become a vampire like him because love to Jonathan is stronger. The latter, by the way, also suffered in the battle with the monster and now wounded, but will be recovered.
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