Fresh Blood lyrics - Dracula

Fresh Blood lyrics

Fresh Blood

Sa nul atengeti! V-am dat un ordin! Nati vrut sal teniti!

I told you this man belongs to me!

Vampire Brides:
We need him now
Give him to us
You must feed us
Are we to have nothing tonight?

Have I ever let you down?
I brought something from the town
I've always understood your hunger
And once I'm finished with this kill
You might kiss him at your will
he will make us all grow younger
Take your bundle and leave me!
There is work to be done

Vampire Bride 1:
Unless my ears deceive me
Someone's after us.
This is some mothers son!

Ah the children of the night,
Those who hide themselves from light
Can you not hear there secret music?
I am their master, the boyar
I summon them from near and far
To make intoxicating music

But it's time now to leave them
I must follow my plan
I shall have to bereave them
I need pastures new, what I'm needing is...

Fresh blood to revive me, fresh blood in my veins
No one will survive me, in those dark Soho lanes!

When I breathe your English air
I'll be a stranger everywhere
No one will recognize my features
I'll go out hunting all night long
Just one more pale face in the throng
Turning them all into my creatures

Here the people all fear me
Their defenses are strong
They refuse to come near me
I need pastures new, what I'm needing is...

Fresh blood on my pillow, don't call it a sin
A mere peccadillo, two punctures in the skin!
You and your mina, will live forever
You'll do my bidding; you will taste the terror in the streets!

Vampire Brides:
Im mortesme, nosferatu

Blood's a meager sacrifice
A most reasonable price
For all the riches I am giving
We are the children of the night
And we must hide ourselves from light
But we must feast upon the living

We can take our slow pleasures
We won't run out of time
Inexhaustible treasures
London's full of them, I can sense it!

Fresh blood to restore me, wild nights by the Thames
Fresh blood waiting for me, and countless requiems!
Fresh blood running through me, I'll bleed London dry
Fresh blood will renew me, and I shall never die!

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