Dracula review

Dracula review

Dracula Review - Broadway musical

Despite the fact that this musical for a long time went on both sides of the ocean, and later – on different continents, with multiple resurrections and tours, it is pretty mediocre adaptation of the famous story. Makeup makes the Nosferratu-sided protagonist very similar to some of the deceased couple of hours ago, pale like a toadstool. Of course, he should be pale, yes. But not as a caricature! The entire scurf of languid tremor from that disappears from this species. Next – outfits. Let's start from the very Dracula. This high collar and strange pailettes and thingies on his shirt makes him not terrible scary Dracula, storm of Turks and ruler of the whole Wallachia, which expanded thanks to his govern (although in reality he was expelled from the throne four times, on the fifth he had either disappeared or was killed, or died in prison as a rebel), but some timid representative of the LGBT–community. The huge minus in his karma. Music and choreography had no pervasion, as it should give. Even The Phantom Of The Opera is more mystically completed character than Dracula in version of this musical. For a bright comparison, take a look at The Music Of The Night by Michael Crawford (with Sarah Brightman), even maybe on YouTube and The Seduction from the list here, in the "Videos" section. You will immediately feel the difference, where there is a real seduction, and where is a faded parody of it. Heroes in the already mentioned The Seduction act as if counting in mind, how big fee they will receive for this week of work, but do not try to portray passion, seduction, confusion, rapprochement with caution, and finally – the power of lustful desire, where the number had to lead slowly to sum up its development. Andrea Bocelli, as we see it, would be an ideal candidate for the role of Dracula, but he is not an actor of musicals, but a singer with an operatic voice, so it is a pity that such a fantastic opportunity that could present Dracula in a musical, remained, for the most part, not implemented.

The musical, according to most critics, was just awfully mastered. Though it adhered to the main points of the storyline, which shows the true exquisite craftsmanship of Bram Stoker, later implemented in the famous Bram Stoker's Dracula with Keanu Reeves, Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder, but music was not original, recalling some echoes of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The acting has deprived the public of all suspense and horror, the first of which must be inherent to this story in any case. Too bad that Frank Wildhorn, who sometimes writes musicals and from time to time – pop songs, undertook such a complex work, with the intention of making a serious drama, but it turned out some kind of porridge, in which no one has invested enough of their effort nor hearts to craft something decent.

We can only praise the Universe for a 2007’s version that was staged in Austria, where was a normal production, which experienced great success; recording of music from there were falling into the charts at the high places, which partly can compensate the hideous original version.
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