End Duet/Transformation lyrics

- Disney's Beauty And The Beast

End Duet/Transformation lyrics

End Duet/Transformation

You came back
If only I'd come here sooner
Maybe it's better this way
No! Don't talk like that. We're together now.
Everything will be fine
At least I get to see you one last time.
We are home
We are where we shall be forever
Trust in me
For you know I wont run away
From today
This is all that I need
And all that I need to say is...
Don't you know how you've changed me
Strange how I fin'lly see
I found home
You're my home
Stay with me
No! No, please! Don't leave me!
I love you.


Belle, look into my eyes!
Belle, don't you recognize
The beast within the man
Who's here before you?
It is you!
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End Duet/Transformation
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