Disney's Beauty And The Beast Musical Lyrics

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Disney's Beauty And The Beast Lyrics

The premiere of the musical took place in 1993 at the beginning of the winter season in Texas. On Broadway, it was started in 1994, after successful completion of the premiere, which was strongly praised. Musical entered the top ten of the most long-running shows on Broadway ever, showing 5.461 regular screenings and 46 preliminaries. During performances, the musical was moved from the Palace Theatre in the Lunt–Fontanne Theatre, and in the last one, it was closed in 2007.

The show was directed by R. J. Roth, choreographer was M. West. Actors on Broadway were: B. Fowler, S. Egan, G. Beach, B. Moses, T. Mann and others. D. Troob, who did the music for the film, did it also for the musical. The play also required pyrotechnics and so on a constant position they had a man in charge of this area. Closing took place only because the Disney company wanted to put the following histrionics in 2007 (The Little Mermaid) and believed that the presence of two princesses on the stage would share the audiences between musicals, so had to stop the first one (although, Belle was not a princess originally – she became one during the movement of the story). Disney at that time had three active shows on Broadway, the most successful of which The Lion King was and is.

West End took musical in 1997 with the location in the Dominion Theatre, with the composition of the actors: R. Thornhill, E. Carpenter, J.–A. Brighten, A. Bourne, R. Gauntlett, A. Harvey, B. Boyle, D. Botcher, B. Moses, B. James, D. Griffiths, N. Rossington, M. Millar, M. Gayle, T. Doyle & J. Barrowman. Production was closed in 1999. In London, the show has won 1 Olivier Award and was nominated for another two.

The national tour in the United States was launched in 1995 and was closed only in 1999. Immediately after it, the second round in 1999 was opened, which closed in 2003. In fact, 8 years of tours in the United States – is one of the longest tours ever if not the longest in the history of musicals from Broadway. In parallel with the second, third was held in a period between 2001 and 2003.
Release date: 1994
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