Disney's Beauty And The Beast review

Disney's Beauty And The Beast Review - Broadway musical

Tours of this musical in the USA were so ambitious that for all the time it saw 137 cities and it has been seen by more than 5.5 million people, including Canadian spectators. In 2010, when 4th tour was launched, all the costumes for it and all the stage props have been completely redesigned. Tour on Great Britain was not so scalable – only 2 years, from 2001 to 2003.

The original musical on Broadway won 1 Tony Award & were nominated on another 8. It was not granted with any Drama Desk victories, but was noted in 10 categories of nominations.

What is the most memorable in this musical after watching it? Firstly, it is a beautiful story that is drawn in different versions – in musical, cartoon, or even series, which was moved to New York with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), in which she played until the gaining of widespread popularity thanks to Terminator 2 movie. Secondly, this is another retelling of how some girl becomes a princess. In addition, we note that, like many of the princesses, she previously was intelligent and well-read, as well as self-sufficient, experiencing, however, yearning for the fact that she was surrounded by boring everything and everyone. And then, when events whirled about which she dreamed, she plunges headlong into the maelstrom, winning the grand prize as a result – a handsome prince.

The musical itself, in all its versions, is remembered by two fantastically beautiful things: the stage design and costumes. On these two items of expenditure, Disney spent out much, but in fact, it was worth it. If we calculate the total show number of all that this histrionics has given, we’ll get something around 9,000 hits (Broadway + West End + 4 national tours in the US and 1 tour in the UK). As for the music accompaniment, here everything was done as expected at a high level – all works from Disney cannot not to have bright colors, both in music and in visual design. The same composer who did the soundtrack for the animated film, made it for the musical. Therefore, it is worth noting vibrant score for voice and orchestra, distinguishing the Disney.

So what, you ask, this musical doesn’t have cons, but only advantages? In general, we can say that it is. When production performed with skillfulness and heart in all aspects, the actors act as a single organism, when this fabulous event is sponsored and organized by the company that won our hearts long ago and continues to do so with great success to this days, the cons may only be small and almost invisible. Of course, if you are an ardent fan of gloomy colors and will rather take your children to something like Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, you can find the main disadvantage of it as being too colorful and too vivid in surrounding environment. But, in our opinion, the only negative, which also might seem far-fetched to someone – a vivid contrast of the beauty of the heroine of the musical from its animated movie. In the latter, she was fantastically beautiful, unreal dazzling, to the pain in the eyes. But on the stage, it was an ordinary girl.
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