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Kansasland lyrics


So let's follow the yellow brick road in the wrong direction, all the way
back to "Kansasland."
Sasha yee ha!

Come every second Sunday
Of each month throughout the year.
The women fold head out from town.
To greet the soldiers here.

We bring them home cooked vittles

Yeah, thats all there ladies share.
There ain't no chance for romance
When the dance is strictly square
In Kansasland
In the straw, we never stray
Cause in Kansasland
You can't be too good in the hay

In Kansasland.
Don't shake the sassafrass.
But in Kansasland.
There's lots of splendor in that grass.

These ladies swear the good book
Is the one book they believe
Yet, think about when adam found himself alone with no eve
There warn't no preacher present
When ha gave his mate a whirl
But where'd we be if eve had not been
mmhmm that kind of girl

In Kansasland
Where the prairie meets the sky
In Kansasland
Ain't no finger place to live and die
Then Kansasland
Your virtue never fades
Cos In Kansasland
We're always sure to pull the shades

There came to old fort henderson
Young princess kickapoo
woooooooooo wooooooo wooooooo

Who kept her wigman warm at night
With every sioux she knew
Her tribal dance is worth a glance
But her hips go pow wow wow


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