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In the Same Boat 1 lyrics

In the Same Boat 1

Georgia, Nikki, and Bambi:
In the same boat
On the same sea
Shaking inside as the tide keeps risin'
Nary a ship
Nary a sail
Nary a soul on the whole horizon
Oh how we long to stand still
Stomachs are in distress
We need a helping hand, still
No one is near
Who can hear
When we S.O.S.
Tattered and torn
Weary and worn
Feeling forlorn that we look untidy
Chewing our nails
Praying that whales
Aren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays
Still we are not discouraged
Due to the ancient quote
That you're likely to win
Take it all on the chin
When you're in the same boat
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