Curtains review

Curtains review

Curtains Review - Broadway musical

Despite controversial opinions about the musical, most of people liked the execution of role of Detective Frank Cioffi, who moonlighted as the savior of the show on Broadway. There is no mistake – this is a Broadway show about a show that is held on Broadway, in which a series of murders occurs. Quite a notable success in the form of 511 regular performances and 23 previews brilliantly crafted by character of savvy police lieutenant, served a good job.

Peter Stone, who wrote the book, died in 2003 without completing his creation, but the concept proved to be quite successful and this technique – solving the murder on a homicide scene, as sort of a mini-detective story, where everything is based on the words and the play of actors within limited space, is often used. For example, And Then There Were None, the successful creation of Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, better known as Agatha Christie, the most successfully used the technique of unfolding the detective story within a limited time and even more limited space, where at least one professional investigator among present persons was included.

Despite the above-average length, critics expressed not only positive for its production. For example, some said that at full capacity only the 2 or 3 lead actors were working, when the others were like a firecracker, which is lying on the ground waiting for ignition, concluding an untapped potential of great latent power. Just like this musical, which had not enough passion to ignite the audience, because of the lack of sparks. Others continued this streamline, claiming that it was sluggish, starting from completely uninteresting stage design and fade costumes, bright part of which was hidden and saved up until the final curtain, ending with understated choreography and complete hash in an event flow that did not allow not only to catch the glue what was happening on the stage, but neither allowed to get the pleasure from this histrionics.

But it is unlikely, in fact, that this show was so boring as it had many international plays, some of which have even been for a month or more, such as in Australia. In the UK, the show went for a whole summer of 2012, with very positive responses, such as: "the show is a great classic comedy performance, which, despite some insignificant flaws, is very funny and beautifully crafted”. Scotland, where the show was staged in May of the same year, also distinguished by the absence of bad reviews. New Zealand with the month of run, and the Irish premiere with a week of staging, as well as other ones – in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Canada again – never have been talking about the poor quality of the show, but quite the contrary.

As for the awards, the show possesses very good figures, which for times overcome even musicals of the top ten. 7 Tony nominations and one win; 8 nominations for the Drama Desk Award and two wins – the total amount is even better than ones having over a thousand hits.
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