Who Am I Kidding? (Reprise) lyrics - Copacabana

Who Am I Kidding? (Reprise) lyrics

Who Am I Kidding? (Reprise)

Havana, Havana he's heading for Havana
I know that Sammy is our man
he'll find the kids and say
the day he'll neil the creeps
and make'em pay
and while he's there he'll get a tan

Who am I kidding?
he's no hero more
like a kitten up a tree
everyone thinks he's this mean
old bully he's all talk the rest is rumours
I know Sam
he'll wet his bloomers what was
I thinking he's no tiger...
...except that night in forty-three'!
please send him home safe and sound
send back that dear old fart for me

Old fart to me!
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