Copacabana synopsis

Copacabana synopsis

Copacabana Synopsis - Broadway musical

In 1948, two people meet – Lola, who wants to become a singer and is ready to do for this every possible thing, and Tony – a writer of lyrics, who falls in love with her with all his youthful passion. He improves one of her songs, which was originally written by her vocal teacher and thus she is hired in the new night show at the nightclub. After some time, their fates separate – Lola continues her career in a nightclub in Havana, while Tony remains in Copacabana, where he discovers that his own career also begins to ascend.

Once in the club, where Lola works, comes a local gangster and his thugs, along with his companion & lover Conchita, which is the setting star of a cabaret in Havana. He quickly falls in love with Lola, and plans to replace Conchita, of what informs the latter. She, of course, is not happy with such replacement, steals Lola and takes her back in Copacabana, from where she came. But instead of killing her, or to do with her anything else, Conchita gets to like her, because she, to some extent, also a victim, like Conchita, who suffers a bad attitude on the part of her mafia friend only because that he allowed her to become the star of the show.

Gangster finds them in the nightclub, some time later, and Tony also does, who happily hopes that now he will be reunited with Lola. But as the mafia guy is there with a gun, he wants to kill Conchita and Lola. When he pulls out his revolver, a shot rings. And the audience saw that the mobster was killed by Conchita, who thus saved everyone, including Lola and Tony, who can now live together happily. She took revenge for her humiliation by this dishonest man. But now it is unknown whether she will remain the star of the show.

After this scene, the final one comes, from which a watcher understands that the whole story was a figment of the imagination of a man named Stephen, who is working on his first musical in life, hoping that it will become successful. His wife urges him at a dinner party, to which they are invited tonight. After their parents enter, Stephen understands that images of the mobster and the aging stage star Conchita he took from them, successfully creating a story that will serve as a good musical.
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