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Copacabana Lyrics

This musical opened on TV, when creators came up with the idea to perform a separate musical on then popular song Copacabana. The authors of this melody, B. Sussman & J. Feldman, agreed with the concept and in 1985, a TV version was released. It was directed by the W. Hussein, and J. Lipton wrote the script. Lola was in this version originating from Chicago, and then her origin was changed, obviously, not to line-up unnecessary parallels with the Chicago musical.

Atlantic City hosted the play for 1990 – 1991. B. Manilow was a director, screenwriter & choreographer of the show. In this, he also got help from his long-standing colleagues, J. Feldman & B. Sussman. The show involved more than 20 actors and dancers. The essential part of this version was sticking to the soundtrack of the film of 1985. Show was watched by more than 0.1 million people and critics were very fiercely, warmly speaking about this production, calling it a "must-see show".

Musical came in London in 1994 and stayed there until 1996, changing the format of the show from the casino-fitted, to make it a full show, with a budget of USD 3 million. Its stage debut was in the Theatre Royal, in the city of Plymouth, and then it moved to Manchester & only then reached the West End, to the Prince of Wales Theatre. After the completion of its tenure on the stage of West End, the annual tour of the UK started. As a result of its play on Broadway and on West End, a record of music on a CD was done.

In 2000, the musical once again came to the US, where the adaptation to the new version held, called Barry Manilow's Copacabana: A New Musical Comedy. Its premiere took place in the city of Pittsburgh. After holding there for one season, it began a national tour, which ended in 2001. The actors were as follows: P. Hernandez, D. Radunz, F. D'Ambrosio, G. MacLeod, D. Roberts, B. McVey & T. Burrell.
Release date: 1985
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