Copacabana review

Copacabana review

Copacabana Review - Broadway musical

The show was very popular. But after visiting Sweden in 2005, as the last time of professional show, in more than 10 years since then, it hadn’t been produced. The initial idea was to turn a single song in a musical. We could say, it was a success, because the show had visited both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, in the most prestigious theater places on the planet – Broadway and West End.

This show is for those who do not like classical theater (with its boring drama, to be or not to be...) and prefers to fill his being with bright musical. Vivid, spectacular, fantastic, flamboyant. The same stunning as this certainly an outstanding event. It is admirable literally in every detail. From clothes and plastic of movements, as a result of the choreography, ending with thoughtful libretto and lighting. Stage design, selection of actors – all aimed at the audience to get the most enjoyment. Hall were exploding with applauses after the number of Dancin' Fool, where the choreography is not 100% good, but the overall impression remains more than exciting. Just Arrived – a living example of the excellent choreography and thoughtful lyrics.

Costumes are designed by D. Pitchard, very elegant, suitable for each number. In the same Just Arrived they were one, a couple of dozen minutes later the audience was able to assess the full wardrobe’s transformation of actors. Here actors perform roles of dancers & musicians, so they can replace each other, reincarnating in different roles without any difficulty – a distinctive feature not only of the leaders of this musical, but The Watermill Theatre, where a play was.

Tickets for this show were sold-out like hot pies in cold wet weather. Here almost all of the drama omitted and it is the single biggest negative issue that can be imputed to the scenario of Barry Manilow. However, we have assumed that Barry wanted to create something light and not at all dramatic, so easily accept the fact that this disadvantage can be safely ignored. With the same ease with which this show pours at you if you were lucky enough to grab one of the few remaining tickets on it.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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