Act I Finale lyrics - Color Purple, The

Act I Finale lyrics

Act I Finale

Now look here. I found a letter for you. From somebody in africa, goin' by the
It's from nettie!
Nettie appears in her white dress in celie's memory.
Dear celie, i know you think i am dead. But i am not. I've been writing every week
All these years, but i guess you haven't gotten any of my letters because you haven't
Written back.
She's alive.
You probably won't get this one either, 'cause i'm sure mister is still the only one to
Take mail out of the box, but if you do, one thing i want you to know, i love you, and
I am not dead.
Celie (clutching the letter to her heart)
Nettie's alive! She's alive!

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