Color Purple, The review

Color Purple, The Review - Broadway musical

Oprah Winfrey, who fiercely promoted this her child, was born in Chicago herself (she is a nominee for the Oscar too), and therefore it was decided to start the national show of musical from there. The success of one was largely predetermined by a huge advertising company and the focus of several bright local celebrities when it opened, making this musical a must-visit social event.

Largely thanks to Oprah’s personal efforts, this play has become well-known and very well earned on tickets & related matters. Oprah Winfrey named her production company as “Harpo”. The same was one of the protagonists of the musical. Is it a coincidence? We don’t think so. They were mutually promoting. This is the first thing that strikes viewer who somehow familiar with the activities of this remarkable woman. Did you know that once Oprah, whose name has become a common noun, arranged week-end for all her employees of a large corporation on a sunny beach in the midst of a winter in the warm country at her own expense, spending many tens of millions of dollars? Or, once at Christmas, she gave to all the staff cheques from 10 to 50 thousand dollars. Here's how you need to love your subordinates – who are doing everything possible for you, thanks to whom you make a fortune.

As for the musical, it's hard to believe that on its production as many as 11 million have been spent. For example, the most expensive props in the history of musical production was a full-size car for a stunning 0.5 million Pounds Sterling. But it is only about 700 thousand dollars. And it was in another play. Where could such huge amount go? Come what may, this musical has paid off at the box office in just 1 year. All the rest of the time it earned in his box a lot of money, they say, about USD 200 million. Of course, this result had been achieved thanks to Oprah Winfrey’s personal insistence mostly.

Lively characters, interesting lighting solutions (lighting of scene as if the rising of sun or sunset – the same soft and warm), gorgeous authentic outfits. In the middle of it there is a girl named Celie, which is sold into slavery, only disguised as marriage, but the essence is the same: hard work, necessity of living with a person who treats you very badly. Years later she divorced him, discovered her talent to create pants with interesting innovative design, which were in demand. However, her husband also decided at the end of own long time being "in a bottle" to acknowledge that he must change. We do not recommend to throw your husbands or to go through an alcoholic delirium, to come to understanding that it is never too late to become a better person. On the contrary, we encourage you to watch this musical – it had just been resumed on Broadway, so you can see the inner world of the characters and go through the suffering of Celie with her, where she reveals genius.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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