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Colma Stays lyrics

Colma Stays

Colma stays out of place
While I take the train to a space
I can leave my worries far behind me
If for only eight hours a day
I trace the lines I find upon me
Find my way to Serramonte
I can?t believe how much
It hasn?t changed
It goes to show that Colma stays
And Colma Stays

Colma stays, the rest move forward
I can?t tell, but I move toward
I can?t see the changes
Everybody swears are happening
Before my face
I trace the lines on the floor
Find my way back to Westmoor
I still see the teachers that
I sat before and hated even then
?Cause Colma stays

New York just cleaned up Times Square
San Francisco is right over there
Los Angeles just instated
A new mode of public transit
While Colma stays I guess it?s cool
We got a new police station
Next to the police station

Colma stays, far from disaster
Safe and slow, but people leaving faster
Wish I had a car ?cause where you are
Ain?t very far where Colma stays
I trace the roots undefined
Oh my god! They?re tearing down Lyon?s
Who says that there?s
No progression here in Colma
Can?t they see the signs?

Colma stays next to Daly City
Object of ridicule and pity
New York?s got New Jersey
San Francisco?s got the place
Where Colma stays

I trace the roots of my sadness
Find my way into the mouth of madness
Maybe there?s a reason why
The world goes on and on
While Colma stays
And Colma Stays

London?s got a bustling scene
And Amsterdam?s different standards
Of a scene
Paris got the Louvre and Eiffel Tower
To mark it?s land
While Colma stays
We finally got an In 'N Out Burger
Next to a Krispy Kreme.

Maybe it?s a different way of living
But it?s just the way I?ve lived for so long
How can you say that I?m missing out?
Colma stays, a place I was born
Wanting, sad, forsaken, forlorn
Still I wouldn?t give it up for anybody
I know nothing more
You hear the tone of my voice
Still you think that I have a choice
What more can a girl from Colma
Do than just accept that Colma Stays?
And Colma Stays

Everybody has their call
And everyone in Colma ends up at the mall
Maybe there?s a reason why
The world will never know
Where Colma stays
Colma stays
Colma stays?and you will never know

Colma stays, fast as a tortoise
Colma stays, like rigor mortis
Colma stays, as popular as Tae-bo
Colma stays, but I have to go.
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