Colma synopsis

Colma synopsis

Colma Synopsis - Broadway musical

This story is named after a small town, in 10 miles away from San Francisco, tells the novel about three teenagers (two boys and a girl), who graduated from their local college a couple of weeks ago and now a big marvelous world opened before their eyes to which they were not prepared. College teaches a lot of nothing for the real life – such statements are heard all the time, and if the adults that make up the educational programme, understand it, why wouldn’t they adopt it?

Teens in the course of the narration are in a pretty depressed mood by the fact that this world waved over them, where they have to look for a job, find themselves, cope with the difficulties that are jumped when you become independent. Or, at least, when your parents try to force you to become so. One of them is an actor of musicals who is very eager to become famous. In the course of the story, he meets the same craving girl with burning eyes.

In the motion picture, the viewer will see a different range of emotions, from sadness to complete merriment, which is quite natural for the active growing period that begins after graduation from educational institution, not excluding the issues of love, friendship and loyalty.

The action takes place against the backdrop of a small town with a population of 1800+ people, which is remarkable only in that there are more than a dozen cemeteries on its territory, and many of them are full of bodies exhumed from San Francisco for the beneficial development of its territories and brought here for permanent "residence".
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